Traffic Updates

Please read the following update about significant changes to parking and traffic flow that impacts arrival and dismissal at the Lower School. 

Unfortunately, we may no longer park in the gravel lot across from the playground. Knowing that loss would be significant to our school community, our Administration met multiple times with various local entities and departments, including the York City Police Department, Traffic Bureau, the City of York, neighboring businesses, and a consultant. Although this plan is not ideal, we must move forward. 

Despite the changes, swearing at our staff, other parents, bus/van drivers or the flaggers is not acceptable and does not reflect our values as an IB World School. It's also not a good example for our children. Let's stay calm, be patient, and "UKnight" to keep them safe.

We must also be respectful of our neighbors. Please do not park in the large IRE lot across from the Lower School entrance or the apartment lot next to Cherry Lane. Upper School parents should not park in the Central Family Restaurant lot since it is only for customers. Thank you!

Please Note: If you do not have to leave quickly after drop-off or pick-up, please help us by parking in the lot at Smalls Field and walking to the school. Even a few less cars in the bottleneck at Cherry Lane would make an impact for everyone. Smalls Field is next to Keystone Kidspace (31 Hamilton Ave.)

  • The major change is that parking in the gravel lot is not an option.

  • From about 7:15 - 8:15 a.m., W. North Street is one way from the stop sign at the intersection of Beaver Street and W. North Street to the light at N. George Street. That means that if you are on N. George Street, you cannot turn onto W. North Street during that time.

  • From N. George Street, an option would be to turn onto Hamilton Avenue, pass the Upper School, continue to the light, and turn left onto Beaver Street.  (For reference, Hamilton Avenue is the intersection where the Upper School, Central Family Restaurant and Keystone Kidspace meet.)

  • If you do not have to leave quickly, please park at Smalls Field, and walk to the school. That would make a difference with bottlenecking at Cherry Lane, and we would deeply appreciate it!

  • Parents may use Cherry Lane during dismissal, but first they must sign the Parent Pickup Contract and bring it to the office to receive a Pickup Pass (vinyl window cling).

  • Anyone who will be picking up children will need a pass. This includes grandparents, other relatives, babysitters, etc. Copies of the contract are available in the office. The cling/pass should be placed at the top right area inside the windshield.  Make sure it's visible when coming through the lane. To keep our students safe, adults who do not have a Pickup Pass (cling) visible in their vehicle may not enter Cherry Lane.

  • From about 3 - 4:15 p.m., all traffic heading north on Beaver Street (toward the bridge/creek) must turn right onto W. North Street, pass the school, and continue to the light at N. George Street. 
  • All traffic heading south on Beaver Street (toward the city) must turn left at the stop sign at W. North Street. It is not an option to continue straight on Beaver Street from 3 - 4:15 p.m.   
  • New stop signs are in place. One is on N. Beaver Street, shortly before the intersection with W. North Street. It's right before the train tracks and is easy to miss. Taking Beaver Street toward the city (south)? The other one is where Beaver Street intersects with W. North Street. Everyone must turn left onto W. North Street from 3 - 4:15 p.m. since Beaver Street is one way headed north. With the addition of those two stop signs, it's now an all-way stop at the intersection of Beaver Street and W. North Street. 

Please watch this video from Dr. Lowe. Thank you again for your patience and support!