School Counselors

Welcome from York Academy's School Counselors

Our counselors are passionate about helping all students to succeed at school. They work with students, parents, teachers, administrators and others to offer assistance and support. You are welcome to contact them by email or phone, as listed below.

Lower School Counselors

Aislinn Cunningham
(above left)
Student Services Coordinator/Lower School Counselor (4-6)
[email protected]
(717) 801-3900, ext. 1601

Jordan Dahlheimer (above right)
Lower School Counselor (K-3)
[email protected]
(717) 801-3900, ext. 1600

Upper School Counselors

Tiana Reid
(above Ieft)
Upper School Counselor (9 - 12)
[email protected]
(717) 900-5001, ext. 2600

Kimberly Bonderowitz (above right)
Upper School Counselor (7 & 8)
[email protected]
(717) 900-5001, ext. 2601

Records Requests:
Lower School records requests (grades K-6) should be directed to Mrs. Linda Albright at (717) 801-3900  or [email protected].

Upper School records requests (grades 7- 12) should be directed to Ms. Jody Jones at  (717) 900-5001 or