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We are committed to keeping our YARCS family in the know. This page serves as our COVID-19 Hub and will be updated regularly.

Updated on August 12, 2022:

Throughout the pandemic, our COVID-19 Safe Return Committee has worked behind the scenes to keep our school community as safe as possible. This committee meets on a regular basis, and is comprised of parents, and members of our staff and Board of Trustees. They will continue to monitor state, federal and local guidance (York City Health Bureau).

Masks will continue to be optional for all students, staff, parents and visitors. If your children feel safer wearing masks at school, they are welcomed and encouraged to do so. We urge you to talk with them and make the best choice for your family.

Please continue to monitor your children for COVID-19 symptoms each morning using our Daily Screening Tool 
(view the Spanish version) and keep them home if they are sick. Testing will not be offered this school year, so this is extremely important. In addition, if they have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 (especially in your household), they should wear a mask to school to protect others.
Click here for current CDC guidance regarding COVID-19 illness or exposure.If your child is sick - even if it's not COVID - we ask that you consider having them wear a mask to prevent illness from spreading.

In addition, as with all vaccinations, if your child received the COVID-19 vaccine please let our nurses know. Simply take a picture of their card with your phone and email it to Ms. Halloran (K-6) or Mrs. Urey (7-12) for our records. 

Together, we must all make positive decisions inside and outside of school to keep our entire school community safe. Let's "uknight" in the fight against COVID at York Academy! Your support is deeply appreciated.

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